Sunday, January 24, 2021

Supervisor's Department

Duties of the Supervisor


  • Chief Assessing Officer of the Township. If the Supervisor is not a certified assessor, the Township hires an assessor to fulfill the assessing responsibilities. However, the supervisor remains the Chief Assessing Officer.
  • Preparation of the Township budget. The Supervisor annually works with department heads, the Capital Improvement Plan, and the Township Board to create a budget for the Township.
  • Legal Agent. The Supervisor is the legal agent for all matters.
  • Planning Commission Appointments. The Supervisor appoints all members of the Planning Commission upon approval of the Township Board.


  • Ordinance enforcement. The Supervisor oversees and is responsible for all ordinance enforcement and the applicable staff.
  • Roads. The Supervisor works with the County Road Commission staff and within the budget to insure that all Township owned roads are properly maintained. This includes gravel roads, paved roads and associated road ditches.
  • Parks. The Supervisor is responsible for the parks program and the associated staff.


Contact Us

Robert Usakowski
Township Supervisor

Supervisor's Office
2160 Wadhams
Kimball, MI 48074


Office: (810)987-9797 ext 123
Mobile: (810)637-1537




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