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Parks and Rec Committee Meeting


Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting

October 16, 2013

Attendance: Jeff Bohm, Rob Usakowski, Bob Hand, George Jackson, Jeanne Ruthven, Tonya O’Boyle, Nicole Blasczuk, Becky Jackson, Sandy Loy

Outdoor Sports/Courts

Ice rink at Smiths Creek Park. Nicole believes she may be able to get materials donated. Jeff felt that visqueen may not be necessary as the ground will be frozen. Recommended considering a well to get water into the area. George Jackson will verify ownership of area where the rink has been in the past. GIS information from the county maps appear that it may not be. Jeanne mentioned that know one knows about the park. We will promote to attract visitors, both on our website and Facebook.

There is a basketball court at Smiths Creek. Needs some improvement this spring, including paint.

Soccer could be done at the Smiths Creek Schoolhouse. There is plenty of property behind the school house. This includes one full size field and one more suited for U11. The smaller would involve some clearing of trees. Tanya mentioned she may know someone that might be willing to assist with that. There was discussion about goals. Nicole mentioned portal ones that can be resized to fit the age/field. There may have been some at one time in the township, but no one has seen them. Jeff recommended contacting AYSO to see what the demand is. Will also use the surveys to gather some of this information.

Roller hockey is another possibility at Smiths Creek where the basketball court is. Would need side walls to make it work, and may need to lengthen the basketball court.

Planned Activities

George jackson recommended the following:

Jan 18 - Cross country ski and snowshoe event out at Sutherland Park.

Feb 15 - Euchre tournament or winter kickball

Mar 15 - Spring Craft Show at Kimball Township Office

Apr 19 - Easter Egg hunt

May 17 - Soccer Tournament at Smiths Creek Schoolhouse property U10

June 14 - Floral Show/Student Art Contest

July 19 - Cardboard Boat Races at Sutherland Park

Aug 9 - Fireman’s Picnic

Sept 13 - Fall Extravaganza

Oct 31 - Trunk or Treat at Sutherland Park

Nov 22 - Student art contest and turkey giveaway / Craft Sale

(Jeff recommended working with Celeste at SC4 on the Art Contest)

Dec - Resident holiday decorating contest


Jeff worked with county GIS department for parking recommendations. They included at Sutherland Park, along current driveway, moving the existing western pavillion.

It Appears that widening the driveway may be the best option for immediate results. We could do multiple phases as well. Would need to discuss with FOP about widening the easement on their property. Jeff mentioned that the road commission may in some cases be able to assist with material to build up the driveway using excavation from ditching projects, etc. PDF versions of the maps are available on our website.

Picnic Area

May be a need for more picnic areas at Sutherland Park. Possible locations would include east of the tennis courts. There are concerns with the location as that would place a pavillion quite a distance from existing restrooms. We would also need to make sure we are ADA compliant.

Groomed Trails

All trails including the one at the township office and at Sutherland Park need maintenance. It was suggested that we contact some of the tree cutting services to see if they could donate wood chips/shavings. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts could assist in the placing of the chips. Jeanne mentioned that she is a former Girl Scout leader and would be glad to contact them when we are ready. May also need some trail markers. Nicole mentioned Ducks Unlimited as a funding source for nature trail improvements.

Dog Park

Discussion was held on location. The locations included the East end of Sutherland Park or the South end of Smiths Creek Park. Animal rescues may be interested in assisting or having events and activities at the park. We could start with fencing and benches/picnic tables and gradually move to other equipment such as dog agility. Jeanne, Tanya and Nicole to look at Smiths Creek and see if there is enough space for one. There was also discussion about a water source for the dogs. There was additional discussion about property lines between the Township and the Pink Elephant.

Next Meeting: November 21, 2013 6:00pm Kimball Township office.